A Scottish Tale: AGM 2017

Posted by Interaction on 13/11/2017

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This year's AGM took us 412 miles north...

Far far away, in a sleepy Scottish town, lies a castle – the location for this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). The reason behind this occasion? A chance to get together, celebrate the success of the past year and think about the future direction of the business...

The story began with an early start and flight to Glasgow. Fast forward via plane, coach and ferry, and the team reached Hafton Castle, where they were greeted by a few familiar faces.

Soon after arriving, it was time for the AGM presentation. Based on a theme of “growth”, the talk celebrated the continued success of Interaction in the past year, epitomised by snag free projects, an award win and new recruits (just to name a few factors).

Flight To Glasgow | Interaction AGM
Hafton Castle Greeting | Interaction AGM
AGM Presentation | Interaction

Inspired by the AGM presentation, the team could now look forward to the black tie event, and attempting to guess who was who in a baby picture quiz (it's a lot harder than you might think)...

Interaction's 2017 AGM | A Scottish Tale
Interaction's 2017 AGM | A Scottish Tale

Following a fantastic first night, Friday morning had arrived – and that meant a series of Highland Games, including archery, caber toss, haggis throwing, pigeon shooting and sheaf toss.

These events were a great way to put teamwork (and hangovers) to the test. Despite everyone being a winner, only one team could get the highest score overall.

After recuperating from an energetic afternoon, a surprise was in store...an array of fancy dress costumes!

Cave girls, cowboys and even nuns took part in a whiskey tasting session, where senses of smell were seriously questioned.

Interaction's 2017 AGM | A Scottish Tale

Whilst busy celebrating all the hard work done this year, time seemed to disappear. Saturday morning suddenly came around and unfortunately that meant coming home. 

Luckily a rainbow appeared on the ferry to top off a fantastic couple of days away.

Hatton Castle | Interaction AGM
Flight Back To Bristol | Interaction AGM
Ferry Rainbow | Interaction AGM

So, not only have Interaction celebrated the creation of an award-winning Castle project, but they have now lived in a Castle themselves!

It is events such as these that highlight the genuine affinity and interaction between every single member of the team. Whether based on site or in the office, there’s a mutual passion for creativity, energy and great results. It is this shared ethos that acts as a platform for creating amazing office designs and successful client relationships.

Unfortunately, this marks the end of our Scottish tale. Only time will tell what next year holds, but we're excited already...