Do You Know These 25 Facts About Interaction?

Posted by Interaction on 4/05/2017

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25 things you didn't know about Interaction 

If you didn't know, Interaction are celebrating 25 years in business this year. For a bit of fun we have put together a list of 25 facts that you might know about Interaction. 

To see a more in-depth review at our past 25 years in business, have a read of our Insight article here.

1. Every year we all go away for a weekend together, locations have included, Wales, Paris, Devon and Spain to name a few... 

2. We have a bar in our office, and every Friday we make an effort to come together to socialise on topics not associated with work! 

3. We have a team of employed Site Managers.

4. We have a 'no eating at the desk' policy.

5. We have a large graffiti mural by Upfest (the company behind Europe's largest graffiti festival) in our office.

6. There are 443 months between the youngest and eldest members of the team at Interaction. 

7. We have a strong partnership with University South Wales, where we are included in a module on the Interior Design course, and we offer student placements every year. 

8. Our project for was featured on the front and back cover of a Korean Magazine.

9. We all come together fortnightly to catch up on what's going on, we call this 'Interaction time'! 

10. Interaction are 100% owner managed.

11. Our design team have 84 years combined experience.

12. We designed and fitted out a night club which was named after us in Gloucester, called ‘Innteraction’!  

13. Our Managing Director, Dieter Wood, cycled (on a tandem) around Cuba in Hurricane season and raised money for type 1 diabetes research charity JDRF.

14. We host an annual 'Party in the Park' for all staff in the summer, which is our version of a Sports Day! 

15. Our strap line 'Together we are more' is also the slogan of the new Power Rangers film! 

16. We collaborated with a Spoken Word artist to create our new promotional video

17. According to we created one of the coolest offices in the world.

18. To celebrate turning 25, we turned our office into an underground jazz club! To see more of the pictures from our celebration, click here. 

19. There’s no queuing for the kettle in our office with our instant hot water tap, that also serves sparkling water.

20. We took part in a Tough Mudder, and made it out the other end... 

21. We delivered 15 projects completely Snag Free in 2016.

23. We have completed projects internationally.

24. We've now completed two Star Wars themed cinemas, one based on The Death Star, and other on The Millennium Falcon! 

25. Interaction is 25 years old!!!

Let us know in the comments how many of these you knew!