Our Studio

Our studio is the embodiment of our approach to creating workplaces that realise the full potential of people and space. Its ultimate aim is to provide our people with the best environment to harness their talents for your project.

With our knowledge and insight into how people think, behave and interact in the workplace, we have created a collage of spaces. Each space functions and inspires in a different way, with some areas cultivating concentration and others feeding the imagination for creative thought. 

Our people move around the workplace depending on the demands of their work. There are spaces for socialising too. Some of our best ideas come to us when we’re relaxed and mixing with others.

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Office design | Bristol | Workplace Bath

Effective collaboration takes many forms.

Our boardroom is enveloped in glass partitioning, saving non-users from interruptions and users the option of privacy. Its message is that at Interaction everyone is in the loop. For quick brainstorming sessions, we have a space-saving bench area - the ideal spot for a quick team briefing or discussion. And, if people want a longer meeting or simply wish to work at a table, we have areas for that too.

The right space to perform a task

Sometimes, people just need to get their head down. We have quiet rooms, cubby holes and sofa areas. The variety of different spaces means there’s scope to accommodate everyone’s preferences. 
And we support remote working too, if team members can best fulfil a task at home, or away from it all in a café, that’s their choice.

Office design | Bristol | Workplace Bath
Office design | Bristol | Workplace Bath

Mingling is a form of working in Our Studio

Talking over a coffee, or making lunch in our open-plan kitchen is all part of a day’s work. Mingling in an unstructured way, with both other team members and clients, can ignite a spark for a new idea, or bring a nebulous thought into sharper focus.
The Volt, our bar for decompressing out of work hours, is another space for recharging. Buzzy and energetic, especially on a Friday evening!

A healthy workplace is a happy workplace

Our gym and the availability of showers, ideal for those cycling to work, mean the chance to take a break and focus on something completely different is just a few steps away. The uplift of exercise can be the ideal catalyst for finding the solution to a complex problem.

Office design | Bristol | Workplace Bath