Our philosophy is simple: great workspaces make for great workplaces. This runs through our DNA and guides everything
we do.

For us, the inspirational spaces we create are the product of more than just our experience. They’re an embodiment of the Interaction values; the things that make us different from other office fit-out companies. This is what we nurture and reward in our people.

“We uncover the true strengths, challenges and aspirations of your organisation.”

Business starts with relationships. So we explore how your people think, behave and interact. It’s this curiosity that drives our design culture. The outcome? We generate value for your business by creating spaces where talent can flourish.

“Within 20 minutes, we’re often well into the creative discussion.”

Great workspaces make for great workplaces, but only when built for the people that really use them. We make sure each of our office fit-outs or refurbishments is a collaborative process that puts your employees back into the heart of the workspace design.

“Good design jumps out. Great design blends in.”

No two companies employ the same workforce, which means no two offices should have the same design or interior. Our creative office designers design a space solely for your company’s people, allowing their talents to flourish and their skillset to grow.

“Good design should never stand still.”

People don’t work the way they used to. Technology has made the workforce more mobile. But, there’s still a need for human interaction and collaboration. Our adaptive nature ensures our workplace designs respond to the way we work today. We always evolve with the times.