Helping Bristol Businesses To Attract Talent

Posted by Hayley Blacker on 18/10/2017

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Modern workplaces: helping Bristol's economy to thrive

Historically known for its strengths in manufacture and aerospace, the economic sectors active in Bristol continue to diversify - and our recent string of projects backs this up. From aviation technology to solicitors, and business services to increasingly successful tech start-ups, we’ve designed workplaces across a range of sectors.

By doing so, we help to create spaces that enable collaboration, ingenuity and productivity, which are vital for business success. Equally important is appealing to new talent in (and outside of) the city, and this is where modern workplaces play a key role too.

Ultimate Finance's new vibrant and flexible workspace will help to attract new (and retain existing) talent.

Office Design Helps Bristol Attract New Talent | Interaction

The increasing pool of talent

Bristol’s economic performance is consistently higher than the national average, and the population continues to increase too - throughout 2017, is it estimated to increase to over 450,000. Add that to the fact that, according to The Guardian “on average, one in five jobs in the city is classed as knowledge intensive”, the result is the opportunity to attract highly skilled individuals on the hunt for their next career move.

One way for workplaces to attract new employees, but also to retain existing skill-sets, is to go above and beyond in terms of office design. The younger working generations in particular are savvier and more demanding when it comes to workplaces. This means looking for incentives such as gyms and breakout areas, in addition to generally modern spaces that cater for different learning styles. Luckily, these are just some of the design features that Interaction helps businesses to achieve.

Office Design Helps Bristol Attract New Talent | Interaction

Flexible workspaces are beneficial for new and existing employees. Plus, you can promote the productivity of different working styles with spaces for ad-hoc meetings, collaboration, or more focused work.

Giving Bristol companies a new lease of life

In the last six months alone, we’ve worked on a string of successful projects for familiar names in the city; Vistair, Jordans, The West of England Combined Authority (WOECA), SunLife, BPP, NHS Shared Business Services, Ultimate Finance, SLR and TLT.

Each of these businesses were relocating, and therefore called on Interaction to create their new offices. Our experienced team created vibrant new workspaces, flexible breakout areas and design quirks that reflected the brand of each company. The result? Hundreds of happy employees whose work environments will truly promote creativity, collaboration and overall productivity.

In turn, this will enable the companies to attract valuable new talent. Not only will this enhance the individual capabilities of the company, but will also help to keep talent within Bristol - and therefore help to further the city’s overall economic growth.

SLR's new breakout area provides a space for the team to meet, relax and have spontaneous meetings. Giving employees the choice of where (and how) to work is vital for appealing to new talent.

Office Design Helps Bristol Attract New Talent | Interaction