A guide to getting the most out of your workplace

Posted by Hayley Lambert on 4/09/2017

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Unlocking the potential of your workplace; an experts’ guide 

Regardless of the size of your workplace, utilising space with effective planning is crucial to unlocking the potential of any space. Here, we use one of our projects to provide an insight into some simple solutions to get the most out of your space. 

Relocating your workplace can be costly. If you’re not confined by the current space you are in, but you’re in need of a refresh and change, then refurbishing may be the way to go. However implementing a refurbishment that is a catalyst for change takes some thought and expertise. 

Here, we showcase a real world example, of FluidOne in London. The IT company decided to invest in their workplace and move into the ‘More London’ building, on the South Bank of the River Thames, which provided an interesting and unusual circular structure to design around. 

There is an abundance of design solutions that will allow you to maximise space and many will depend on a host of variables including the size, shape and condition of a building. We outline some of the solutions that can be seen in the 3D AXO below, that we provided for FluidOne in order for them to get the most out of their workplace, whilst not compromising on space or cost. 

FluidOne | Office Design

Using the quirks of a building 

Utilising the shape of the building in which you are moving into or refurbishing is key to unlock the potential of the space. Whether this is creating compartment private areas, or placing a breakout in an already established core of the space. For FluidOne, this meant utilising the curve of the building to provide a non-linear desk layout that creates an interesting aesthetic and meant we could fit more people in this area without compromising on space. 

Ad-hoc meeting space implementation 

In the gaps between the desks of FluidOne, we created collaborative and ad-hoc spaces that fit into the perimeter walls of the building, to increase collaboration and agility. Introducing small spaces such as these, in areas that would typically be dead space, makes it easy to collaborate near workstations. 

Hot-desking to future proof

If your business has plans for expansion, then initially introducing a hot-desking area before creating a fixed workstation can be a great way to make use of space. This will also save the cost of having to change an existing area to fit more desks in. Hot-desking will have a positive impact upon the agility of your workplace, allowing people to use the area for private work. This is exactly what we did for FluidOne, creating a hot-desking area next to the breakout alongside primary workstations to provide fixed desks in conjunction with their expansion plans. 

FluidOne | Office Design

Improving agility with diverse spaces 

Diverse spaces are paramount to maximise the space and create effective areas that suit the needs of different teams within your organisation. For FluidOne, this meant creating stand up huddle spaces, gaming/relaxation spaces, collaborative spaces with white boards and acoustically sound meeting spaces. These simple but effective spaces create a more diverse workspace that will suit the varying needs of teams. 

Utilising multifunctional furniture 

By introducing furniture that can be used for a variety of purposes, is a really effective solution for making use of a space, as a typical New York studio apartment would demonstrate. In the case of FluidOne, we created a variety of spaces and introduced multifunctional furniture to sweat the space of their breakout area. This included a ping pong table, with chairs, that can be used to play, eat, talk or meet. Additionally, extra storage was created that also doubled up as a fully functioning bar that appears from the unit at a flick of a switch. 

Introducing clean-desk policies 

Introducing a clean-desk policy in conjunction with personal lockers can aid in agility, it also means that you don’t need extra storage in desks and can fit more people in a smaller space. Again, for FluidOne, we created a locker room where people can put their work belongings and clear any clutter. 


Every space has potential, but not every space's potential is fulfilled. Unlocking the potential of your workplace with these simple steps can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your office. This guide is a whistle-stop tour, and will not apply to every space, but if you’d like to have a conversation on how the potential of your space could be unlocked, you can contact us here