A-Z of Workplace Design & Build

Posted by Interaction on 08/01/2020

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New year new workplace, is it the time for change?

If you're thinking about updating your workplace, it can be hard to know where to start. So to make things a little easier, we've put together our very own A-Z of Workplace Design & Build Guide, illustrated by images of our projects across Bath, Bristol, London, Birmingham and beyond. 

It could be time to really make the most out of your workplace, so read on to get inspired by design and build buzzwords, trends and ideas...

Creating a workplace that designs in agile working can drive culture and behavioural change. This could improve your ability to react to day-to-day needs and longer term considerations such as recruitment drives for growth.

Pictured: Runway East, London
Bring nature into your workplace through biophilic features such as living walls and planting to create a calm and natural environment to work in.

Pictured: Alliance Homes, Bristol
Make sure to ask lots of questions before diving into the design and build process for your new space. Consulting in industry experts will help to paint a clearer picture of how best to utilise your office space.

Pictured: VWV, London
Diversity is key when it comes to giving employees choice and creating areas that effectively suit the needs of different teams (and their tasks) within your organisation.

Pictured: Rocketmakers, Bath
Space efficiency is great news for productivity and reducing rent costs – make the most of your space by utilising the shape of the building in combination with innovative furniture.

Pictured: The Landing, Bristol
With business demands and staff needs constantly changing it is important to create a workspace that will work for you in the long term. Design in flexible work settings and furniture in anticipation of future developments.

Pictured: RPS, Bristol
In a day where reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact is imperative it is important to source your office fit out with this in mind. Check where you're sourcing your furniture from. Do your bit!

Pictured: Amdaris, Bristol
Hot-desking is great for promoting collaboration and creativity. Equally, if your business has plans for expansion, then initially introducing a hot-desking area before creating a fixed workstation can be a great way to make use of space.

Pictured: NEX, Bristol 
The integration of people, technology and the built environment is key to business performance, so opt for an office design and build that facilitates the use of the right type of technology to support your company’s needs.

Pictured: Hydrock, Bristol
Make your office stand out with unique touches of joinery for that impactful first impression. It's also a great way to create a variety of work settings within your workspace without being cut off.

Pictured: TLT, Belfast
Make sure to ask lots of questions and consult in design and build experts. This puts you in good stead for a smooth project and can eradicate potential unseen snags.

Pictured: Sunlife, Bristol
Lighting is crucial in designing a progressive workplace especially when considering your staff wellbeing. Plenty of natural light can improve concentration, happiness and productivity however there are also clever ways to bring light into an otherwise darker spots.

Pictured: Frome Business Park
Stay ahead of your competition by supporting the ever changing needs of the modern workforce. Health initiatives, technology and work settings play major roles in your business outputs both externally and internally.

Pictured: Freeborne Media, Bristol
Use joinery and acoustics such as ceiling baffles to create quiet zones without feeling cut off. Instead of open plan think broken plan and create a variety of work settings for every need.

Pictured: Box Twenty, Bristol
Making smart use of glass in meeting rooms gives users the option of privacy and saves non-users from interruptions. This helps to create a sense of openness and the feeling that everyone is being kept in the loop.

Pictured: SunLife, Bristol
The number one thing to consider when designing a new workspace is the people who will be using it. Taking into consideration individual and team needs as well as staff wellbeing and happiness will create a more productive workplace.

Pictured: Handelsbanken, Bath
Choose a reliable office design and build company who will be sticklers for quality – both in terms of the process and finished product. An eye for detail is key.

Pictured: Alliance Homes, Bristol
As your business grows so to do your needs and requirements. Couple this with a dynamic market and it is clear that you need to design a workspace that can respond quickly to changes business and market demands.

Pictured: AMI, Bristol
Creating a sustainable and healthy workplace can improve happiness and in turn improve productivity and business outputs. Workplace health initiatives and natural products are a great way to start making your workplace more sustainable.

Pictured: Runway East, Bristol
Designing a workplace that incorporates latest technologies is a great way to support more efficient workflows and collaboration. It's also a great way to streamline otherwise time consuming processes - think room booking systems of digital way finding.

Pictured: Wild Space Productions
Design a workspace that reflects your organisations character and culture. We believe that every company is different and therefore every workplace should be unique. Not only does this help you stand out but it is also attractive when recruiting.

Pictured: Money.co.uk, Cirencester
Using the latest visualisation techniques our in house team can bring your ideas to life - allowing you to make creative decisions before any physical work begins.

Pictured: Visual of Runway East, Bristol
A workplace that promotes wellbeing through healthy choices, socialising and openness leads to happier and more productive employees.

Pictured: Team Eleven, Bradford on Avon
Whether you’re looking to attract new recruits with the X-Factor, or to retain equally valuable members of staff, your workplace design is a great place to start.

Pictured: Rocketmakers, Bath
The best design and build firms will put you – the client – at the centre of the process, and will ensure the needs of you and your business are listened to and met.

Pictured: NEX, Bristol
Creating a workplace that meets a range of needs and work styles is key to improving productivity and staff satisfaction. Think quiet zones for getting your head down coupled with collaborative work areas for team workshops.

Pictured: Wild & Wolf, Bath