Star Wars Cinema

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Project in a nutshell 

Any design company would be overwhelmed with excitement to get Star Wars as a brief for one of their projects, so you can imagine the interest when a private client asked us to create a cinema room with this as the theme. Interaction design and build this extraordinary room that transports you to the infamous Millennium Falcon. The client was delighted with the results... especially as you can imagine they are a big Star Wars fan. 

May the force be with you.

Star Wars Cinema | Bespoke joinery and lighting detail
Star Wars Cinema | LED panel
Star Wars Cinema | Millennium Falcon door

An in-depth look

The structure of the room was recreated as the interior of the infamous Milliennium Falcon, completed with a sophisticated and state of the art LED lighting system. The main screen and surrounding walls were designed and refurbished to create the feeling of being in the cockpit while travelling through the galaxy. The design and lighting of the room were crucial to create the perfect cinematic experience, but also to form the unique Star Wars effect.

Graphics and memorabilia decorate the space to create an exciting room to watch any film, but you can imagine how many times the Star Wars films have been watched. Finishing touches of a popcorn machine and even a smoke machine complete the experience for anyone using this room. The result is an extraordinary and complex project that is truly magnificent and completely bespoke, can you visualise watching your favourite Star Wars film here? 

Star Wars Cinema | Luxury seating featuring the pop-corn machine!
Star Wars Cinema | Front row sofa seating

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