Project in a nutshell

Sector: IT
Size: 27,500 sq ft
Location: Birmingham

 IT group SCC needed a new and improved office as a result of expansion and evolving business strategy. This meant transforming a dated industrial office unit into a workplace that enhances employee wellbeing. The 27,500 sq ft building went smoothly and was delivered snag free.


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“The project took 18 weeks to complete. With extensive structural work being completed on the old warehouse, cladding the roof and exterior of the building, as well as the complete interior refurbishment, the project scope of work was quite unique. As Assistant Project Manager, I was inspired to take on the challenge.” 

Mike Borne, Interaction

An in-depth look

Europe’s largest independent IT group SCC needed a new and improved office as a result of expansion and evolving business strategy. This unique project involved refurbishing an old industrial unit located on their technology campus in Solihull, West Midlands and converting it into a large office. SCC placed a significant emphasis on the wellbeing of their employees, and the office was designed to have a positive effect on the working environment. 

The warehouse was previously used as a storage and repair centre but SCC wanted a new large space for employees to work in and be proud of, especially when showing clients around. The new office now has dedicated team areas and meeting rooms for specific clients. their own unique space when visiting.

The refurbishment involved the installation of new raised access flooring, carpets, ceiling and partitions, completed with brand new mechanical, electrical and data systems. To encourage staff to come together and socialise, a modern kitchen and cafeteria was also built. With front and back-of-house preparation areas this large kitchen has the capability to cater to a variety of tastes for a large number of people. 

SCC | Breakout
SCC | Open plan

The design was simple and clean, using a clear theme of blue, grey and white in line with SCC’s branding. The office was an open plan design for the on-call support staff, with meeting rooms running along the side of the building for clients. Another room was created for the administration teams and other departments. This modern and sleek design was created to give the employees a feeling of spaciousness and calm.  

The result? A state-of-the-art office space that ticks all the boxes. SCC and their staff are delighted to have an office that they can be proud of and enjoy. The project though challenging went smoothly and was snag free.


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