Project in a nutshell

Sector: Housing 
20,000 sq ft 
Location: Bath

Housing provider Curo needed to find a positive solution to change their workplace. Interaction carried out in depth workplace analysis surveys to address the issues within their office. This allowed the Interaction team to create an unique workspace designed especially for the people and culture at Curo. The in-occupation refurbishment took 6 months and the finished results were extraordinary.

Curo | Flexible working
Curo | Meeting room with Evoke room booking

Client Feedback

"The project was implemented in full occupation over 11 phases and took 40 weeks to complete but Interaction maintained progress despite many changes to the original plans, scope and specification with a helpful proactive attitude. The results have been astonishing. The office feels entirely different and has been met with a positive response by our staff, customers and visitors. We are delighted.”

Pauline Simpkins, Facilities Manager, Curo

An in depth look

Their Bath offices didn’t reflect the newly rebranded organisation or feel part of the new vision. Interaction investigated why. The resulting refurbishment sought to inspire staff and visitors - and address a far more fundamental issue for the organisation.

Some of the 20,000 sq ft office’s problems were clear from the onset – the existing building was at maximum capacity, there was a lack of suitable space for staff to meet and it didn’t facilitate the excellent standard of customer care that Curo aimed to provide.

Digging deeper into the dynamics of the existing office and the behaviour of its users, Interaction carried out a detailed workplace analysis. Curo staff were asked their opinions through an online survey.

​Interaction needed to create space to nurture the mentoring process of new and less experienced staff. It also needed to form areas where Curo’s customers could meet with staff in a more open environment.

Curo | Mouse hole design inspired tea point
Curo | Quiet space for employee focus
Curo | The Lab | Office Graphics

With a realigned brief, Interaction set about creating a palette of different spaces for different work functions such as break out areas for informal meetings, hot desks for quick office visits, and quiet ‘cubby holes’ to aid concentration.

Adjacencies were created, placing experienced staff closer to junior colleagues, while ‘The Lab’, a multi-functional zone for training and informal meetings, was formed to draw together different staff teams from across the organisation.

Built in an 11-phase in-occupation refurbishment over six months, Curo was able to maintain a full office and visitor provisions throughout.

As an historic building, it was essential to the overall design that original features and structures were retained, but the use of crisp lines and bright accent colours in the décor leant a modern twist, giving an energetic vibe to the overall space.

Curo | Employee breakout
Curo | Social space

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