Arts and Humanities Research Council

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Project in a nutshell

Sector: Public Sector
Size: 9,300 sq ft
Location: Swindon​

Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) have been an existing client of Interaction for a number of years. Having challenged us with numerous projects at their former Bristol office, we had great aspirations for their relocation to Swindon. With the brief of moving their staff to Swindon in order to integrate all government funded Research Councils into one building, we were asked to design and build a space that would work for them.

As an organisation that promotes creativity, one of the most important aspects of their requirements was to use artwork as the medium to reflect what they as a research council embody. Taking inspiration from past AHRC projects, our design team created visual effects in the form of digital wallpaper and manifestation on glass. The most striking of these was the Stonehenge ‘Think Tank’, which was designed to encourage original thinking and inspiration.

AHRC | Boardroom
AHRC | Penguin graphics
AHRC | Scenic mural

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