Studio Life

Curious to know what working with Interaction is like? Here, we explain how our hardworking and dynamic team work together to design and build amazing offices. Step behind the scenes and discover the projects, the events, the fun and the personalities that make us who we are.


Do you know these 25 facts about Interaction?

Interaction are celebrating 25 years in business, and for a bit of fun have created a list of 25 things you may not know about the design and build company.

25th Anniversary Party - Photo Gallery

We turned our office into an underground jazz club and invited our friends, clients, suppliers and contractors to celebrate our anniversary!

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What if... Showcasing our special spoken word video

What if you changed the way you thought about your workplace? Interaction created a unique spoken word video that represents why we do what we do.

Studio Life Special Edition - ''Site Life''

Looking at The Castle, it would be quite easy to focus on the look and design of the extraordinary workplace, and forget about what happened behind the scenes delivering such a complex and distinctive project. We step away from the design, and provide an insight into what it was like behind closed doors with a little help from our Site Manager on the project, Matt Prouse.