Studio Life

Curious to know what working with Interaction is like? Here, we explain how our hardworking and dynamic team work together to design and build amazing offices. Step behind the scenes and discover the projects, the events, the fun and the personalities that make us who we are.


Studio Life Special Edition - ''Site Life''

Looking at The Castle, it would be quite easy to focus on the look and design of the extraordinary workplace, and forget about what happened behind the scenes delivering such a complex and distinctive project. We step away from the design, and provide an insight into what it was like behind closed doors with a little help from our Site Manager on the project, Matt Prouse.

Interaction's Sporting Summer

Looking back on Interaction''s summer sporting events, from Triathlons to Tough Mudders.

Meet the team: Justine

Having been an Interior Designer at Interaction for over twenty years, Justine reflects on the history and future of interior design at Interaction.

Detox days, just one of the ways Interaction stay healthy

Tasty Tuesdays at Interaction HQ help our team keep keep healthy, whilst taking a break from work and sitting back to enjoy the company, enjoy the food and not feel bad about it!