Our Team

At Interaction, we choose our people with care. We are hardworking, creative, energetic and are dedicated to delivering great results.

Dieter Wood
Managing Director

Creating spaces that allow people to perform to their full potential, both as individuals and as a collective, is Dieter’s driving passion. Dieter gets under a client’s skin to truly understand their opportunities and challenges. By aligning the project brief to these, he ensures the completed scheme delivers genuine business value and nothing makes him happier than delivering a project snag free.

Our Team | Interaction | Office Design | Creative
Our Team | Interaction | Office Design | Creative

Gary Duguid
​Design Director

Gary takes a business’ vision and translates it into a design that nurtures the behaviours needed to make goals a reality. Confident about pushing boundaries and questioning ‘the norm’, Gary draws on his 20 years’ design experience to shape work spaces that produce the right vibe for his clients.

Hayley Blacker
Sales & Marketing Director

Instigating, exploring and developing relationships is second nature to Hayley. She works hand-in-hand with clients to keep lines of communication open and transparent throughout the project process and beyond. A consummate networker, Hayley takes Interaction’s message into the wider business community.

Our Team | Interaction | Office Design | Creative
Our Team | Interaction | Office Design | Creative

Paul Haskins

The founder of Interaction, Paul brings a deep understanding of the factors that positively influence how people interact with each other and their work space to create value for business. Paul drives Interaction’s philosophy that work space is a powerful tool that can make a fundamental and positive difference to a business’ overall success.

Egle Bareikyte
Our eccentric and talented designer, Egle gets going with an unusual breakfast to fuel her mind for equally unique designs.
Mike Borne
Project Manager
Solving problems with tenacity, and snacking on pasties (he’s Cornish!) while at work, at weekends Mike can be found scaling mountains.
Justine Bryan
Senior Designer
After 20 years with us, Justine is a key mentor to the design team (also notable for her wit and love of the colour lime). Maker of delicious cakes.
Luke Byrne
Project Manager
A perfectionist, Luke delivers projects with complete dedication then decompresses by doing zillions of bench presses. Rugby fan, gym aficionado.
Rebecca Dodd
Project Manager
A keen horse rider, gig lover and self-confessed history geek. Welsh girl Rebecca is uber organised and thrives on working out the logistics of a project.  
Samuel Douglas-Jones
Digital Marketing Assistant
Positive and friendly, Sam can often be found writing content, tweeting or tackling with Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Lover of photography, football and technology.
Tom Dowling
Site Manager
A great laugh, nothing phases Tom. A super hard worker, he’s committed to work and family.
Hannah Eardley
Project Manager
Solving problems and reaching the perfect project budget is all in a day’s work for Hannah. Keen sportswoman with roots in Cyprus.
Danielle Fleming
Lovely northern girl Danielle takes as much care in her design as she does the people around her. She loves exploring the southern lands, reading and dreaming about sausage dogs.
Sara Gammon
Account Manager
Talking about creating amazing workplaces is what Sara loves best. With endless enthusiasm to achieve the best results for clients. Lover of yoga and music festivals.
Natasha Godolphin
Property Manager
Uber-organised manager of people, Tash arranges our events and keeps us in line. A charismatic motivator, she is the office saviour.
Jake Green
Accounts Assistant
The tallest member of the team, Jake crunches numbers during the day and loves letting his hair down at our bar on a Friday night.
Nathan Harris
Super easy-going and slightly Brummie. Nathan loves anything retro, which inspires him when creating space plans. Downtime is spent going to gigs, cycling and restoring old cars.
Charlotte Jarrett
Finance Manager
Keeper of the office’s purse strings, Charlotte is like a human calculator. Also outgoing and fun, she switches off with a glass of prosecco!
Kaiser Khan
Project Manager
Bullet proof and infinitely adaptable, Kaiser makes sure clients are delighted by delivering great projects. Interested in all sorts, he enjoys cricket, badminton and gaming.
Hayley Lambert
Studio Manager
Chatty, fun and adventurous, Hayley creates standout workplaces for her clients and oversees the design team. Lover of lists and adrenaline sports.
Ollie McCafferty
Project Manager
Dedicated to delivering client projects (and always looking his best!), Ollie is the office’s extrovert. Mad on rugby and fitness.
Catherine Makin
Brand Manager
Expert spinner of many plates, Cat’s mission is to tell the world about us. Keen artist and cook. The one with a Scottish accent.
Rose Manning
Office Manager
Always a picture of calm, Rose is the office’s nerve centre providing general support to the project teams. Office organiser and eternal optimist.
Steve Nixon
Project Manager
Coordinating is Steve’s big thing whether it’s project budgets or playlists. A blues guitar playing, die hard Middlesbrough FC fan, Steve surfs and loves film too.
Zoe Parr
Always ready to lend a hand, Zoe’s bright imagination mean she’s never short of innovative designs. Her sharp wit keeps us all entertained.
Matt Prouse
Project Manager
The office’s funny man, Matt is serious about winning, whether that’s delivering great projects for clients, or on his motorbike racing.
Alice Richards
After Care
While adding a little bit of 'kookiness' to the team, Alice is dedicated to ensuring that all our clients are happy. Queen of humour, lover of ballet and theatre.
Nathan Ritchie
Site Manager
Famed for an awesome beard, Nathan ensures that everything on site goes smoothly. Weekends are shaken up with off-roading.
Bronwyn Rundle
Design Intern
Fun, sporty and creative, Bronwyn is keen to learn all about the design and build world whilst creating inspiring designs and visuals.
Rasa Simonyte
3D Visualiser
Creating outstanding visuals is Rasa’s first passion, with coffee coming a close second. Painter and dancer, her creativity is boundless.
Megan Solomon
Project Secretary
Eternal optimist and social butterfly, Meg loves travelling and anything creative. Making sure the office is running smoothly and lending a helping hand is all part of the job.
Deborah Wilder
Workplace Consultant
The ever curious psychologist, Deborah loves analysing people in the workplace. Mastermind topic: healthy lifestyle (or cheesecake).
Lloyd Wright
Head of Projects
The man with all the answers, Lloyd has infinite patience as well as knowledge about, well, everything. Loves the great outdoors.