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Everdene House

Sector: Housing | Size: 16,000 sqft | Location: Dorchester

Affordable housing provider Magna Housing Group wanted a complete change in the way its head office in Dorchester looked and felt.

Magna, a group of social housing landlords serving communities in Dorset and Somerset, decided to completely rebuild its office and wanted Interaction to design a calm interior that warmly welcomed staff and visitors.

The idea to create a new base was in the pipeline for around four years before Magna could start the scheme. Interaction was brought on board at the very start of this process and its design team was on hand to offer Magna guidance about how the new building could articulate the organic look and feel that the housing group wished to achieve.

Magna Housing | Collaboration pod
Magna Housing | Meeting room

Construction work to create a new warehouse style office called Everdene House commenced in 2014 that fitted the exact floorplan of Magna’s former headquarters (Naden House).  The new building housed an open plan lower ground floor with a very high ceiling, allowing for a mezzanine which offered further open plan workspace, meeting areas, break out zones and an informal hub space with a kitchen area. 

Magna Housing | Manifestation
Magna Housing | Meeting room

Interaction collaborated closely with the building’s contractors and gave advice [acting as a consultant] about a number of structural elements including the installation of sky lights to let in more natural light and enhance the building’s organic, earthly feel. The skylights would also serve to benefit the full-size tree that Magna was keen to place at the heart of the building. 

Interaction’s key focus for the project was the selection and installation of furniture that would give Magna’s workspace the friendly, down-to-earth vibe that the client wanted to evoke. Interaction was also instrumental in the final choice of naturalistic colours and finishes that helped create a serene workplace.

Magna Housing | Staff breakout
Magna Housing | Boardroom

Magna Housing Group were delighted with the completed scheme and has asked Interaction to work on a project to revamp another of its offices. Staff are making full use of the new hub area to mingle and take lunch breaks, and the open plan work areas are enhancing people’s collaborative approach to undertaking tasks.

Oak House

Sector: Housing | Size: 11,800 sqft | Location: Dorchester 

To align the design scheme and office culture across two workplaces: Everdene House and Oak House.

With the need for an office design that was consistent with their current head office, Magna Housing took the opportunity to refurbish Oak House. Conscious to give the office an identity of its' own, Interaction used light colours to brighten the space and vivid greens to lift it, keeping the theme of nature coherent to Everdene House.

View the slide above to see the amazing transformation of Oak House.

Focused on their staff, Magna Housing wanted to create a true breakout area to replace their small and outdated kitchen. A space for to socialise, re-energise and boost wellbeing.

The project took 8 weeks to complete, involving bringing the two-floored office onto one floor to enable a cost effective refit. Resulting in an open and light mix use space with meeting rooms and office space with new carpet, decoration and an entirely new lighting system. 

Magna Housing’s employees and visitors were always considered throughout the design and build to ensure a positive effect on the working environment.

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